Although I feel like no one believes in my ability to hold a job ’cause the longest I lasted anywhere was 8 months before I had my breakdown while working at the Olive Garden, I have a desire like never before to last a year or better yet a few or more somewhere. I’ve had a goal to work a year somewhere for quite a long time actually. I have no idea what I’d really like to study in college too so I’m making getting a job my number one priority since I won’t be doing the college thing after all. I’d love to move up to bartender someday. When I was at the Olive Garden I’d wanted to do the same and eventually management. I think managing a restaurant would be so stressful so I’d prefer to see how I can handle the bar someday instead now. I love the restaurant environment!
For the past 10 years I was always trying to figure out what I want to major in. I really wanted to at least earn a Bachelors like Dad, Xochi, Moe, and Jeanette in recent years. Then, for quite some time, I thought I’d like to help others gain justice by being an attorney. I also felt like since I’d published my memoir I wanted to have an impressive career by the time the world started knowing I exist. Well, I’m over all this now and want to finally do the restaurant thing again. For a long time I’ve thought of a career as an esthetitian (beauty/skin care), but for now I’d love to see what comes of a career at a restaurant.
I let people’s opinions influence me too much. People area always like don’t work you get a monthly income anyways. But, I know from past experience that I can make even more as a Server. And I already found out I can continue to get services at the clinics I go to and get my meds so I’ve got all my bases covered. Ever since I returned from Biloxi I’ve been so bored too. I want to be productive. Of course, I should clean the house, but this God forsaken Internet is such a distraction! LOL!