I’ve been thinking about this since the other night still.. ever since I was put on meds for my bipolar disorder 11 years ago I was told not to mix alcohol with my meds but I did it anyways… I used to be a heavy drinker.. but haven’t drank as heavily as I did in my 20’s because 98% of the time I drank in the past 11 years I would have one of my weird “episodes” as I call them.. well, Friday night made me realize I really can’t do this anymore… I’m more of a social drinker.. I’m not making excuses or anything.. but when I go to parties where others are drinking I’ve figured maybe this time I’ll have a different outcome.. but then before the night was over I’d have a minor “episode” and “ride it out”.. no one else could tell I felt different except my Mom when I got home if she was still awake..she always says my eyes look different when I experience these episodes…well I’ve been switched meds 4 times in the past 11 years and this new med Latuda was working so well for me and the other time I went out drinking with my sis and my bff Anita a couple of weeks ago I didn’t have an episode so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to drink Friday night… boy was I wrong! It was so intense that night I left the bar at around 10 o’clock and went home and took 6 sleeping pills so I could sleep it off.. at first I took 1 pill and that didn’t mellow me out and then I took 2 more and that didn’t do anything so I took 3 more and fell asleep after a little while.. I know I don’t have to explain anything but this is on my mind so I felt I ought to share.