Grow Spiritually and Grow Stronger In My Catholic Faith

Well, I backslid for almost a whole year.  I did visit a non-denominational church for about a month and then stopped going to church for a long time.  But, like I said in my last blog, I have fond memories of going to the Catholic church as a child, and more recently in 2014 and retreats I’d gone on in 2013 & 2014, so I plan to take things seriously and go to Mass weekly once again and finally observe Lent this year.  I created many positive friendships through these retreats, church, and a Catholic Bible study & fellowship called CLAY.

Adopt a Vegetarian lifestyle

Now I wouldn’t be surprised if people try to talk me out of this.  It’s funny how one can stuff their faces with junk and sweets and no one bats an eye, but you announce you’re giving up meat and people act like you’ve gone batshit crazy and even try to guilt you like how about the ranchers don’t you care about them?  If I become a vegetarian the cattle ranchers will still have a job so don’t worry.  I’ve thought of adopting a vegetarian lifestyle longer than I told anyone.  In recent years I’d get the gag reflex sometimes when eating like say a burger and if I saw a dog.  The correlation between the two, even though the burger comes from a cow, is the fact that they’re both mammals.  Meat is meat right?  Even though I love dairy (which I’m not ready to give up quite yet) I also get the gag reflex sometimes if I’m drinking milk when I’m done with my cereal and see a cat in the yard.  If you really think of it drinking milk and eating dairy is kind of odd.  Anyways my start date is December 31, 2015.

Observe Lent this year

Provided I am successful in adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, I plan to do no dairy Fridays in stead of meat free Fridays since I will have already given up meat and still should make a dietary sacrifice.  As for what else I’ll give up I’m still thinking of that one.  I’m a real chocoholic so maybe chocolate, or maybe I’ll take it up a notch and give up sugar during Lent.  I’m also thinking maybe I ought to go to Mass daily or pray the rosary daily.

Lose at least 60 lbs

Every year I tell myself I’m gonna be 100 lbs lighter in a year and I fail.  Although I did lose 20 around the spring this year but slacked off for awhile, I set the bar to 60 lbs instead of 100 lbs because it’s a more attainable goal.  If I lose 5 lbs a month I’ll be 60 lbs lighter in a year.  Also, if I aim for 10 lbs a month I can be 120 lbs lighter in a year.  And if that happens that’s great!  I know I can do it.  I feel highly motivated and have been improving in my workouts.  I started out doing a 5 minute treadmill warmup and am now doing a 30 minute warmup before I do my weights.

Publish My Second Memoir

I’m working on a second memoir which is all my journal entries from late 2010 until the present.  I hope to have it ready in a month or two.

Earn a 4.0 Overall GPA

Okay, I’m not sure if I’ll go to college this semester because of Financial Aid issues… I brought my GPA up at STC but I have a lot of drops in the past so I plan to file an appeal to see if I get approved for financial aid.  I also applied to return to UTRGV in case that’s a better option.  But, hopefully I won’t have to put my education on hold and I finish this semester with a 4.0.

Improve My Knowledge of the Spanish language

I can communicate somewhat but there are so many words I don’t know.  I have some Spanish workbooks, but what I’m thinking of doing to improve in this area is go to both English and Spanish Mass at church from now on.

Save Money To See Family This Summer

I have family in Detroit that I hardly know since my Dad was always distant from his family; and I’d like to finally meet them this year.  Also, I have my Uncle Jim, Aunt Fiona, and cousin Ro in New York State.  They’ve come to see us many times over the years but this will be my first trip to their hometown.  I’ve always cherished their visits!  ❤

Say No To Drugs

We all know I need to do that successfully.

Continue With Celibacy

Self-explanatory lol