Well, I had some big goals and not so big goals at the beginning of 2015. FYI I also give TMI at times too lol. I started the year participating in the 54 day rosary novena which I think actually began in December last year. My Dad healed from his stroke. I had planned to observe Lent because I didn’t really do a very good job in 2014 and I think I did worse this year. I didn’t complete my 54 day rosary novena either. Mass started feeling repetitive and I began to feel some Catholic traditions seemed silly such as walking backwards out of the chapel when the Eucharist is present during Adoration. Plus, some other things that I couldn’t feel convinced were wrong such as supporting gay marriage and the pro choice movements had me feeling that the Catholic faith might not be for me. But, I had barely received the Sacrament of Confirmation in 2014, and felt I shouldn’t give up so quick. I’ve always had fond memories of the Catholic church ever since our family began going when I was around 8 or 9 years’ old in Eufaula, Alabama. Anyways, I haven’t been to Mass since late January or early February but will be back tomorrow morning. I’m looking forward to it too! So while I did meet my goal to grow spiritually in 2014 I ended up backsliding in 2015.

Another goal of mine this year was to read more. I started the year reading “I Am Malala” which is a memoir by Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani girl that was shot for speaking out about girls’ rights to an education. It’s a great moving book. I highly recommend it. I also have read Carrie, Flowers In The Attic, Petals On The Wind, Where’d You Go Bernadette, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Pact, and Gone Girl; and am currently reading Leaving Time. The latter six books are books I’ve been reading as a member of the McAllen library book club. I’ve gained many positive friendships and memories by being a member and have achieved my goal of reading more.

Also, I returned to STC and passed my math class with an A! Unfortunately, I’ve dropped several times in the past so I’m still ineligible for Financial Aid but I plan to file an appeal so we’ll see how that works out for me.

I self-published my memoir “Wounded Hearts Heal” as an ebook in April and as a paperback in December. So far I’ve been told I had a lot of guts to share my story and another told me they were humbled by reading my story. I’ve probably sold six ebooks and also sold two paperbacks so far.

Although I’m not 100 lbs lighter and rid of my Diabetes and High Cholesterol I did lose 20 lbs in the spring. I just need to get back on top of my exercise and nutrition.

If I continue to remain celibate until March I will have been celibate a whole year which may sound odd but was another goal of mine last year. BUT, you might consider me technically celibate because I did have oral sex in September but didn’t go “all the way” but in my mind I’ve still been celibate. So there’s the TMI moment for ya. lol

I failed at my goal of staying sober. My drug of choice is crack and cocaine. Believe it or not I have self control with alcohol and mainly just do it socially or sometimes not at all even if I am at a barbecue. When I go to a club or bar of course I drink. It seemed as if I had a pattern of relapsing on coke after three months of sobriety so this is something I need to work on this year