Dear Shah Rukh Khan, You are the reason I’m so in love with Bollywood films. You’ve starred in most of the films I’ve watched and I love the characters you play. If you’re anything like the characters you play then you’re the man of my dreams. It’s too bad you already have a family of your own though I’m sure she’s a very lucky woman. Also, my interest in India has grown even more ever since I began watching so many Bollywood films.
Your biggest fan.
P.S. This was something I’d typed up for a thread in the Oddity “cult” on VampireFreaks. The thread was titled “Weekly Letter Challenge” and it said to type a letter to someone you’d like to meet. Right now you’re one of my all-time favorite celebrities so I instantly thought of you and just thought I’d share this with my Facebook friends but who knows how far this letter can go in the Information Age? My real name’s Ginger Esperanza Castro. (long story)