I don’t like the way here in the Valley it’s “cool” to dog white people. I’m part white and to me it’s disrespectful. The more I think of it this place is pretty racist too towards whites, blacks, Asians, Middle Easterners. People here are really bad about stereotyping people that they’ve probably never even been around before to begin with. This was on my mind ’cause an old friend which also happens to be my sister’s ex husband was on the phone with me the other day and he said something about white people. He was probably generalizing or something. Anyways I said I’m part white so he was like yeah part white so that’s cool. He was trying to be funny. I was like I have family that’s fully white too. OH yeah and another time I was hanging out with an old friend and another friend. Somehow I mentioned that she was mixed too. He was like oh so you’re a whitesican too. He told her she looked Mexican but that I looked white. I’ve heard that all my life in Texas and that’s fine. I’m not fully Latina nor am I fully white. But the look he gave me was as if he wanted to offend. To be honest I wasn’t white enough in Alabama and I’ve never been Mexican enough in the RGV so I’m fine with being me, a multicultural person.

Adding to that another thing that I don’t get about our culture I mean American culture is why there’s a need to differentiate between races and ethnicities. For example, when I went to Brazil which is a very diverse country as well, you don’t call people Japanese-Brazilian or German-Brazilian. Everybody’s simply Brazilian. So why is it here people have to be African-American, Italian-American, or Mexican-American. I tend to just say I’m American.

Last, but not least, American “Mexicans” are ridiculous with discrimination. Or at least the ones in the RGV. Valley “Mexicans” don’t like Mexican Nationals the people from Mexico that come with money to shop here. I do realize there are some things they do that are annoying but others are pretty cool. I have seen some nationals throw trash out and stuff like that.  Lots of locals throw trash out too.  How is anyone gonna respect our land if they don’t see us respecting it.  Our economy depends on these shoppers which is why it’s important for us to be bilingual. We live in an area of international trade.  Common sense says knowing both languages is essential.  Many countries around the world have more than one national language.  And something many Americans don’t know is that the U.S. doesn’t have an official language.  Personally I think that we should have a few commonly used languages as official languages such as English, Spanish, French.  And even Mexicans use the word mojado which is Spanish for wetback to describe the poor, occasionally illegal, and less educated Mexicans that come to the U.S. for a better life.one_race