I’ve been high on various drugs many times in my life but nowadays I’ve been wondering what it’s like to get a “runner’s high”. I’ve heard from people that are fit and run often that it’s an awesome feeling. I jog occasionally but nothing intense but I’d love to get to that level of fitness someday. I know when I swim I feel a natural high. I just love the feeling of being in water.

Another “high” I wonder about is a “spiritual high” and I don’t think that feeling is limited to Christianity because I’ve felt something like that before at a Christian church and another time when I was a teen and went with my Dad to a Hindu prayer chanting type thingy at his friend’s house. My Mom’s “spoken in tongues” before and I witnessed it when I was a child. She describes it as if it were the best feeling she’s ever experienced. I want to know what that level of a “spiritual high” feels like.

Anyways, that’s the kind of high I want to feel.

What are your thoughts?

I’d like to hear from those that are either interested in a natural high or a drug high or both. Whatever floats your boat. :-)