If you could be in a music video, which video would it be & why? Michael Jackson’s thriller ’cause it looks like it would be a fun video to be in and is a classic.

What was the highlight of your day? Time with my eldest niece while babysitting her. And of course eating at a Chinese buffet beforehand with my dad.

What’s the first website you go on when you get online? Gmail

Have you played mini golf recently? No

Who were the last three people you texted? the nail tech I got my nails done by last time, my ex that i’m still friends with, and my sister

Are you the mecca of good ideas? maybe sometimes idk

How old do you usually act? like someone in my 20’s I guess lol

Cereal or bagels? depends on my mood

What was the last concert you attended? a small symphony performance at a local museum

Have you ever seen a stand up comedian? no

Corn on the cob or canned corn? corn on the cob

In the summer, do you get tan or burn? a mix of both

Describe yourself in two words: loyal and friendly

Is there anyone that can make you cry on the spot? possibly

Who are your top five favorite singers? Lindsey Stirling, Tarja Turunen, Emilie Autumn, Madonna, Michael Jackson

If you could create a song with any artist, who would it be? Cradle of Filth

What is your biggest fear? sharks

Do you like mysteries? yes

When did you last make yourself dinner? Monday

What is your favorite form of transportation? cars for the scenery and planes for the speed

Are you a fan of pepperoni & green pepper pizza? it’s ok

Kelly Clarkson: Yes or no? I could care less.

Do your neighbors scream a lot? no

Would you rather shop online or shop in stores? in stores

Are you a partier? sometimes/somewhat

What’s your favorite language? Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, German, and Hindi (I love watching Bollywood films.)

How many concerts have you been to? probably like 10 more or less. my ex was a metalhead and often took me to shows

Any coming up that you would like to go to? Yes, the Celtic Women performance in May.

Is your computer slow? no

What did you last take a picture of? I can’t remember.

Do you cold or room temperature water? cold

Last thing you Googled? a Gandalf quote I love

What was the last email you received about? I already forgot.

When did you last see your best friend? I have a few best friends but I last saw two of them like last week.

What did you last write on yourself? I don’t write on myself.

Do you have any tattoo ideas that you want? Yes I want a butterfly, a dreamcatcher, a St. Michael prayer, and possibly a famous Gandalf quote, and possibly something Harry Potter and Hunger Games themed tats.

What would be your ideal job, aside from not having one? being a princess, heiress, a writer, or doing something where I could travel all the time without worrying about costs

Have you ever witnessed someone fall down an escalator? no

Are you a fan of burnt foods? no

Do you use napkins or wipe your hands on your pants? napkins

Who is singing the song you are currently listening to? n/a

Do you like music from the 80’s? yes I think it was a great era for pop, rock, and metal

Would you rather go to Germany or Spain? Spain

The neverending battle: Facebook or MySpace? Myspace was better cause you could personalize your layout and add a music playlist but since Myspace died out in popularity I prefer Facebook now.

Why did you last get injured? like a week ago I bumped my pinky and the acrylic nail is stuck to the real nail which is hanging off

What is your dream car? I love Camaros! I’d love to have a modern version and a classic version.

Have you ever thrown rocks at someone’s window to get their attention? I think so.

Pizza Hut or Domino’s? Pizza Hut

Do you have any plans for tonight? just take it easy and get a good night’s sleep