I shared this as a FB status update and figured I might as well share this here too.

While watching #KatyPerry earlier on the #SuperBowlhalftimeshow video that I think was actually footage from a different performance I was thinking I see why my good friend Lisa from L.A. often rants about #modernmusic .  I mean I know Katy Perry is a pop star but it seems like EVERYTHING has a pop sound to it nowadays no matter whether it’s country, rap, or rock.  Music really was better before our generations time and even in our generation in the 80’s and 90’s.  You could tell the difference between the musical genres and most music was much more meaningful and soulful.  Country sounded like country.  Rock like rock.  Rap like rap.  I mean Nicki Minaj calls herself a rapper.  I’m sorry but no your music sounds like pop and I’m sure many would agree.