1. Be kinder and have more patience. (This mainly deals with how I interact with family. You know how we take those closest to us for granted sometimes.)

2. Be productive.

3. Stay focused on priorities.

4. Grow stronger in my faith.

5. Read daily… the Bible, books that interest me, etc.

6. Improve my writing.

7. Continue to be sober and celibate. (It might not hurt to break the sobriety a few times out of the year though.)

8. Eat healthy and eat less.

9. Exercise often.

10. Always thank God.

11. Pray the 54 day rosary novena beginning January 1st.

12. Do a better Lent. (Time passes so quickly next thing you know it’s gonna be here already.)

13. Save money and spend wisely.

14. Become a better swimmer. (To do this I need to read the swimming book I bought months ago also.)

15. Get back into bicycling.