Earlier I was thinking of how if I won several million dollars I’d buy my family and closest friends new cars and help them out with a good chunk of money. (I’d still keep most of it.) I’d love to move out of the Valley or better yet Texas. If I stayed within Texas I think San Antonio might be cool since I was born there and have always wondered what living there would be like. Of course I wouldn’t have to stay put and could hop around getting the feel of many different places. I like Austin more than any other Texas city. If I lived in Austin I’d love to shop at the Whole Foods Store on Lamar. I’ve always loved that store. H-E-B Central Market would be another cool place to shop for groceries.

BUT, if I could get my family to move elsewhere I’m still in love with NYC! I was in love with NYC before I ever even set foot in the city. Lots of movies are set in NYC and my eyes would light up whenever I saw a movie that showed a shot of the NYC skyline. I’ve heard people say NYC is overrated but I disagree. I finally went to NYC when I was 24 which was a crazy time in my life but I loved it! No other American city I’ve been to has that same high energy feeling I felt in most of NYC especially in Times Square. I didn’t mind the fact that the streets are lined with traffic because it’s easier to take the subway and walk between points anyway. Plus, the public transportation there is really good. In addition the energy of NYC surrounds you as you walk down the street cause the sidewalks are lined with pedestrian traffic. And aside from the diversity when it comes to cultures, subcultures, etc. there’s culture in the form of Broadway, opera, ballet, off-Broadway, a plethora of museums. I’d be surprised if it’s even possible to run out of things to do in a year. Last, but not least, I’ve always felt I’ve been ripped off by not experiencing four distinct seasons; and I’m sure I’d finally get that in NYC!

Considering that my Mom doesn’t like cold weather, L.A., Miami, or Honolulu wouldn’t be bad options either, or Key West. Maybe I’d cross paths with one of my celeb crushes in any of those places especially L.A. I think I’d feel isolated living in Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific but the beaches are so beautiful and I’d be rich so it’s not like I’d be stuck there. I’ve never been to Key West but it looks beautiful in photographs. I’ve read that it’s more laid-back than Miami and that the beaches are beautiful. Miami is nice and diverse too.

Some other places that appeal to me are San Francisco, Portland (Oregon), and Chicago. I’ve heard San Francisco feels more like NYC but with a West Coast vibe. Portland has the world’s largest book store, one of the best donut shops, and is supposed to be a fun town. I think Chicago has a cool skyline and would be similar to NYC. Plus, I think Chicago style pizza looks even more delicious than NYC style. 🙂

Honestly, after getting my family taken care of and settled in wherever, I’d love to spend 1, 2, or even 3 years exploring the world. I want to go to several places. Within the U.S. I want to visit Orlando again and go to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios and that would make a nice family vacation. When I went to WDW in ’95 the Animal Kingdom wasn’t there yet nor was Islands of Adventure and the new Hogwarts themed section at Universal Studios. Aside from the places I’ve already mentioned that I’d love to live in some other places high on my list to visit include New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Park City (Utah), Minneapolis, Washington, D.C., the Redwood National Forest, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Bakersfield (my Mom was born there), the California wine country, San Diego, all the Hawaiian islands, Maine, Cape Cod, Niagara Falls, revisit North Carolina, Colorado, Alaska, Pennsylvania, the Jersey shore… I think that’s it.

Within Canada I want to visit Newfoundland and see the ruins of the Viking settlement, Toronto is said to be a cool place, maybe Vancouver, and definitely Quebec. Within Mexico I’d like to revisit Mexico City, visit Monterrey, Huatulco, Cancun, Acapulco, Mazatlan, Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, Veracruz, San Luis Potosi, Guadalajara, the Copper Canyon, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Morelia, Oaxaca, Merida, and Chicen-Itza. Within the rest of Latin America I’d like to explore Costa Rica, more of Brazil, Peru, the Amazon. I want to explore the Caribbean, the South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand. The places I want to see the most within Europe are the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia, Holland, Germany, Poland (again), the Czech Republic, Russia, Romania, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, France, Portugal, Switzerland, Iceland.

I know y’all must be thinking we already know this Ginger because I have travel dream board photo albums on here too. I just feel so excited thinking of these places and naming them all. 🙂

Within the Asian continent I want to explore Thailand, India, Cambodia, Indonesia, Japan, China, South Korea, Nepal, possibly even Tibet, Isreal, Dubai, Jordan. And in Africa I’d LOVE to visit Egypt, South Africa, Kenya, Morrocco. I also want to step foot in Antarctica since I’ve read about (pricey) excursions to Antarctica. Oh yeah and I need to explore the Arctic to have truly been all over. 🙂

I know these are big dreams but I became addicted to travel the summer of ’95 the summer I spent with my Brazilian sis Ana in her hometown. So, you may be wondering if I could only choose one place to visit in each of the above mentioned regions I’d visit Quebec within the North American continent, Brazil within the South American continent, the UK within Europe, Japan within Asia, Australia within the Oceania region, and Egypt within Africa.

After I return from my travels I think I’d want to focus on getting an education, finally take the time to read the many books I have in my Goodreads to-read list, finally cook everything from my Martha Stewart Cooking School cookbook, waste less time online (lol). Since I’d already have millions of dollars maybe I’d go with a subject like English to make me a better writer or History since I’ve always loved studying history. I could even do both! Heck, maybe I should go on to grad school afterward and earn my M.A. and PhD. I saw on UT-Austin’s site that they have a Renaissance and Medieval Literature degree. Considering that I’d love to write a brilliant fantasy series that could definitely benefit me to study.

So, yeah this is what I’d want to do if I hit the jackpot. Oh yeah, I love Camaros. I’d own a Camaro. ^_^

I’d love to hear your thoughts, especially from you fellow travel junkies. So, what would you do if you won a huge jackpot?