I got this idea from a thread in the VampireFreaks cult I belong to called Fifty. (Don’t worry it’s not as weird as it sounds. They just call their group forums cults. hehe)

So far this is what I’ve said I was thankful for:

November 17, 2014: I’m thankful for my Mom for being such a wonderful Mom.

November 18, 2014: I’m thankful for the many blessings God’s given me.

November 19, 2014: Despite the fact my Dad and I butt heads a lot, I’m thankful he’s instilled the importance of travel and broadening my horizons and persevering in all I do.

November 20, 2014: I’d like to thank my relatives in Albany, NY for the values they’ve instilled in me and although a few years pass between the times we see each other I love the time we get to spend together.

(I left out the part where I thanked people from the group also since that’s irrelevant here on FB, I guess.)

From now until Thanksgiving I plan to add something or someone I’m thankful to have in my life.

November 21, 2014: I’m thankful for the many wonderful friendships I have on and offline.

November 22, 2014: I’m thankful for technology. The technology that existed in the past brought the Europeans over to the Americas. I have some indigenous and European blood in me so naturally I wouldn’t exist had that not occurred. Also, my parents were born and raised in different parts of the U.S. so once again modern technology played a role in my existence. Last, but certainly not least, technology makes our lives much easier.

November 23, 2014: I’m thankful I have a roof over my head.

November 25, 2014:

(I forgot to post yesterday so today I’ll share two things.)

I’m thankful for food to eat and clean water to drink.

November 26, 2014: I’m thankful I have such wonderful siblings and such a wonderful sister-in-law. I’m talking about you Moe, Temo, Xochi, and Jeanette. 🙂

I was so busy yesterday (Thanksgiving) preparing food that I didn’t get around to sharing one more thing I’m thankful for.

November 28: 2014: I’m thankful for many, many things but I’m especially thankful for each new day I’m alive.