1. What would you name a child if you had one (or your next one if you already have one, and the child would be any gender you want it to be)? If you don’t ever want children even ever, name your next pet. lol

I love the name Annabel Lee because it sounds beautiful and is the name of one of my fave Poe poems. Oh yeah and it has the initials of people very important to me. Some other names for girls that I love are Kirsten, Jayden (I think it sounds better for a girl than for a boy), Ashanti, Iesha, Anne Marie, Gabrielle Marie, Madison, Mackenzie. I like the name Galadriel from LOTR and The Hobbit but don’t think I’d actually use it as a name for my child. Oh yeah, and I like the names Jesenia, Ksenia, and Karina.

For a boy I love the name Wolfgang. It just sounds very manly. I also like the names Michael, Anton, Antoine, Maurice, Steffan, Gabriel, Elijah, David, Victor, Thiago, and Mateo.

2. Who is the best-looking former Disney star all-grown-up? (guy or girl, doesn’t matter– Disney music, movies, or television) Vanessa Hudgens

3. What’d be the worst sense for you to personally lose and why? (sight, hearing, etc.) I think sight would be the worst to lose because I’d feel so helpless. I think it would be like being a baby again learning how to do everything without my sight. It would be scary.

4. If you could have eight celebrities, living or dead, having dinner with you tomorrow night, who would you invite? Edgar Allen Poe, Sir Richard Branson, JK Rowling, Tolkienn, Prince Harry, David de Rothschild, Dani Filth, Jen Selter … I think Edgar Allen Poe, Tolkienn, Dani Filth, and Rowling would be the most interesting out of this bunch. 🙂

5. Have you ever been on a blind date? If not, would you ever? If you did, how did it go? No, I haven’t. It might be a fun experience.

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