I heard you’re not supposed to share your birthday wishes and although I’m sure I can make these wishes come true I don’t think it’s bad luck to share them.

1.  Be successful in life.  Success can mean different things to different people.  By successful I mean obtaining at least a Bachelor’s degree, a good career I enjoy working in, and being financially stable.

2.  Meet the man of my dreams and have a happy, healthy relationship together.  The man of my dreams is attractive, educated, intelligent, intellectual, has a great personality, shares some or better yet many of my interests and hobbies, doesn’t have a quick temper, is hard-working, outgoing, compassionate, has good morals, and is looking to marry and possibly even have a family of our own someday.  I know educated, intelligent, and intellectual might sound the same but actually they’re all slightly different.  I know people don’t have to have credentials to be educated but I intend to return to school for a Bachelor’s degree so my dream man should at least have one too.  Having a degree does say something about a person sometimes.  Also, some people are very intelligent but aren’t intellectual too.


Well, those are my two big birthday wishes.  Thanks for reading.