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I wanted to try and think of 35 since I’ll be 34 in January but 35 since there’s one to grow on. I ended up thinking of 7 resolutions that are most important to me.

1. Treat others with kindness. I am a nice person but have a problem with “snapping” at people I feel most comfortable around such as family and friends. I really need to work on that.

2. Don’t get sidetracked from my goals in life. Unfortunately, I’ve gotten distracted from my college and career goals too easily in the past. This goal also applies to my health and fitness goal and my being celibate (fornow and many more months) goal.

3. Develop a healthy lifestyle. Having a great body would be nice but I’m equally interested in improving my health too. After the holidays, aside from my birthday, I was thinking if I went out to eat I should choose from the lighter fare options so that I’m eating right even when I’m not preparing my own food. When I was a High School Senior I lost around 60 pounds that I’d gained the prior year by modifying my diet and being active. I know I can do this.

4. Save money and spend wisely. I have a tendency with finding things that are often useless to spend my money on. I need to focus on bigger and better things I can have in the long run like a good car.

5. Be active. I think the reason I wasn’t an obese child is because I was so active. I was always out riding my bike or walking around the neighborhood or in the woods.

6. Use my time wisely by being more productive. In addition to being more active I’d like to get away from the Internet and TV more by helping around the house and devote time to reading books I’d like to read but haven’t gotten around to reading.

7. Grow spiritually. I’m not one to believe one religion or path is the right one for everybody but I do believe there is a positive path for each individual to follow. I went on a wonderful Catholic retreat last summer but then for months I wasn’t going to church because I fell back into old ways, etc. Recently I went to a posada that the Catholic Young Adult Ministry organized and I had such a great time and it was positive energy and clean fun. That is how I learned about the Ambassadors For Christ retreat at a monastery in Rio Grande City that I’m going to attend this weekend. I like learning more about the Bible but often neglect to pray which is also very important for the soul. I think that by growing spiritually I’ll also get better at accomplishing many of my goals.

I originally just wrote 5 in December but just thought of a 6th and 7th one to add. =^_^=