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I posted this on Yahoo Answers too but thought it might not hurt to post here on WordPress and get as much useful advice as possible.  Recently I posted a similar question trying to find out how many calories is ideal. I need much more help though. I weigh 260 and would like to weigh 130 in let’s say 2 years since that’s probably an ideal time frame. I’ve lost weight before when I was much younger by following various diet advice but regained and am finally taking the time to lose for good. I have a hypothyroid which will always be a problem, but I can still get rid of the need to take Metformin and Glyburide for Diabetes and Lipitor for Cholesterol. 

Although I admire vegans and raw vegans for their lifestyle I know that is unrealistic for me. I’ve also read that our bodies are designed to be herbivores but I prefer an omnivore diet and it’s just too extreme for me to try at this point. I was reading about the Paleo diet just now which prompted me to type this up. Some say cut out legumes others say they’re very beneficial to you which leaves me really confused. I have a sweet tooth but what worked for me that other time I lost a lot of weight was to substitute fruits for the many candies and pastries I love. I’m not much of a junk food junkie and prefer a hearty meat and potatoes type of meal to munching on chips. It’s easier for me to deny myself something than it is to eat half of the portion or just a few bites. Another weakness of mine is dairy foods. I love cheese, ice cream, and yogurt, especially Greek Gods brand honey flavored yogurt. For breakfast I prefer kiddie cereals like Lucky Charms, oatmeal, or yogurt. I know I need to get in much more veggies. Sometimes I’ll go a few days before I realize I should eat a salad or something green. I don’t have problems with my bowel movements though and usually go at least once a day. 

I’m very sedentary but heard the best exercise is the one you like which is why I plan to start swimming laps and weightlifting at the gym I joined not too long ago. 

Please help me out and better yet provide links. Thanks.

Last, but certainly not least, Happy Halloween!!!