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The other day I watched a YouTube video that was about how 1% of the nation’s richest people control 40% of the nation’s money.  Instead of making me feel shitty it was a wake-up call that I seriously need to get my act together.  I’m certain I won’t ever be part of that 1% but I still have plenty of time to move up in a career and get a college degree.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had my priorities straight for far too long.  I don’t mean to sound like I’m making excuses but I’m too easily distracted.  Also, for a long time I didn’t think a college degree was that useful and important since my maternal grandma and my Dad earned a Bachelor’s degree but didn’t put their education to use when it came to working in that field and moving up in a career.  In recent years I’ve come to realize that it would feel great to accomplish that, to at least earn a Bachelor’s degree.  I’ve noticed in my job searches that there are some entry-level careers in which a person can have almost any Bachelor’s degree and get employment.  I no longer view it as a chore to have to take classes as part of the Core Curriculum such as College Algebra and have come to realize that it might be useful, will make me slightly wiser in that subject, and make me feel good.

One of my distractions has been “partying”.  When I began dating an ex boyfriend of mine in the Summer of ’98 I decided to drop my college classes so I could have more time to enjoy life.  That has turned into 15 years!  I try not to have regrets but also realize I’m still young enough to start now.  I won’t make any promises to quit “partying” like I have in the past but I will make sure to keep on top of my priorities.  Another distraction has been boyfriend-girlfriend relationships.  When I was with that ex all I wanted was to try and get an apartment so we could have a life together.  After completing a semester at a local university in the Spring of ’99 we went to Gary Job Corps in San Marcos, Texas but ended up leaving that program.  When we returned to the RGV I enrolled at a vocational school for a Medical Assistant program.  Although I completed the program and made excellent grades I was scared to go into the field because I feared I might do certain procedures such as injections wrong.  Instead I worked at various call centers and restaurants for a few years.

I try not having too many regrets but do regret to say I’ve never even worked at the same location for a full year.  This goal is just as important to me as my education goal.  I have an interview as a Holiday Retail Sales Associate at a store I won’t name yet at the mall next Monday, November 4.  I want to try working at a department store since I’ve never done that type of work before but think I’d like it since I like working with people and sales so I hope I do like it and that they not only hire me for the holidays but feel I’m a good fit for the company after the holidays too.  I hope this is a place where I grow and possibly after completing my Bachelor’s degree I might get on with an entry-level career at the corporate level.  The sky is the limit and I’m THE one that can make this a reality.