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Men nowadays want to be spoiled in more ways than one.  Too many men want women to take care of them.  I made the mistake of letting my ex-boyfriend “mooch” off of me for most of the years we were together.  We were together from 1998-2004.  I’d let him drop me off at work so he could go job-hunting and he’d pick me up drunk and would trash the car with empty beer cans.  Finally, I left his ass.

I was single for a few years until I got with my last ex-boyfriend at the end of 2010.  This boyfriend successfully hid his crack addiction from me for the first few months.  I think he was dropping hints that he’d like me to pay for his phone bill the time that he mentioned his ex-girlfriend paid it.  I broke up with him at the end of the summer of 2011. 

Not long ago on Facebook this guy I used to fool around with in the earlier part of 2010 replied to my message on the Facebook instant messenger.  I was just being conversational because he had asked me about the South Texas Horror Con so I asked if he was going.  He replied, “Yes y you got tickets?”  I replied that I was going with my sister and niece and asked who he was going with.  He had the nerve to reply that he was going with me if I got the tickets!  I replied, “LOL I don’t think so.”  I mean seriously what does he think I am.  I’m heavy but know I still look good and have gotten better looking dudes than him.  He’s OK in the looks department and OK in the sex department.  BUT, both ex boyfriends were better looking and better in bed!  Besides I’m practicing celibacy and sobriety nowadays. 

My last ex from 2010-2011 was in his late 40’s and better looking than him!  Despite his big flaws he was hard-working and had a Bachelor’s degree even though he no longer worked in the field he got it in.  In the fall of 2011 I even met a lawyer through OKCupid that offered to pay for my apartment but he gave me the feeling he just wanted me for sex and the apartment for a place for us to hook up so I told him where to go!  Although I’d love to have a man spoil me financially, I want to feel like he’s interested in getting to know me on a deeper level too!

In other words, how dare this guy on Facebook think I’d be so desperate to hang out with him that I’d pay for his ticket to South Texas Horror Con.  This guy has pissed me off in other ways online too.. like his lack of respect for my goal of celibacy and sobriety … one time he was telling me we should “hook up”.  Of course, we didn’t!  Or the fact that I typed up a well-written note with some thoughts of mine on Facebook and he typed, “LOL you need to get a job, LOL”.  I just said LOL even though I thought it was rude and he probably didn’t even read it!