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I just thought of a great new idea for a goal to achieve!  I’ve been meaning to get away from the laptop more often and be productive by exercising.  Another big goal of mine is to improve my writing so I think I should plan to read the books I got at Festiba last year because they were giving away free books at one of the booths so I got one and got my Mom and Uncle to grab extras for me.  In case you’re curious I got The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Black Beauty, and The Aeneid of Virgil.  I’ve also been meaning to read my copy of A Midsummer’s Night Dream.  I regret I donated my Tolkienn books to a library a few years ago since they were sitting on the shelf waiting to be read but I’ve always wanted to take my time to read those.  I used to read more when I was younger before all this social networking.  Plus, I read that the best way to improve one’s writing is read more.  Some of my closest friends know that after I got into Harry Potter I desired to come up with a fantasy series and world as great as Hogwart’s or J.R.R. Tolkienn’s Middle Earth.  For me, it’s not about fame and fortune like Rowling achieved; I just want to create a masterpiece no matter how much time it takes.  I’m thinking I should read A Song of Ice and Fire which is what the HBO series Game of Thrones is based on for those that don’t know.  Anyways, I logged into my Goodreads page and was looking at my to-read books and think after I’ve read the above mentioned books or before I should read the books on that list I began a few years ago.  That list includes almost 50 books.  I might even build on a horror play I wrote for a Drama Appreciation class in 2011 about a family of cannibals someday too.

I think I should develop a daily routine and save my social networking for a certain time of day instead of sitting by the laptop almost all day.  ^_^