You might laugh at me and think I’m silly but I believe it is possible the Illuminati is real and that they are the ones that pull the strings in politics so it doesn’t make a difference if you’re Democrat or Republican because they all have the same agenda in the end.  They just pick a side that appeals to the conservatives or liberals but they’re really working for “the Man” whoever that is.  I know there are people fully aware of this too but felt the need to share this with the people that will see what I have to say.  I thought of this because I looked at Paris Jackson’s Twitter (Michael Jackson’s daughter) and noticed that she hasn’t posted any updates ever since her last suicide attempt that was shared with us common folk through the media.  At one time I thought Michael Jackson was this evildoer this pedophile they tried to smear his good name as one because he didn’t want to be their puppet anymore.  Yes, the “Illuminati” will make you and break you.  In other words if you take the time to pay close attention to these mainstream music videos put out by Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce you will see that they’re not only filled with pagan symbolism but the New World Order (a goal of the Illuminati) agenda such as a police state to name one that I have read about.  A year ago I became interested in reading the articles on a site called Vigilant Citizen.  The website is www.vigilantcitizen.com and to some the information may seem crazy but it’s there it’s so in your face the agenda that the filthy rich “Illuminati” of the world spread through the mainstream media.  They build up celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Rihanna because they will spread their message by dancing sexy while in the background of the music video you see the police state agenda made to appear sexy like it’s just some fun music video.  These are their puppets.  Yes, I happen to like some of these music videos but in the past year they appeal to me less.  I FEEL WE ALL NEED TO WAKE UP THOUGH AND COME UP WITH A SOLUTION TO PREVENT THIS AGENDA FROM BECOMING A SAD REALITY.  I’m not sure how but I like the Anonymous hacktivist quote, “We should not fear our government.  Our government should fear us.”  There are many more of us than there are of the world’s filthy rich elite.  Why do we continue to let them enslave us?  A wise woman I know has said one way could be to boycott the products put out by their puppets.  Some say love and awareness is a way but although I agree awareness can do it I’m not so sure love is the solution.  To me loving is the “turn the other cheek” mentality Jesus tried to put out there.  I’m not intending to disrespect Jesus or anything so I hope that didn’t come out all wrong.  Take, for example, the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  I read in some articles some law enforcement acted as if they expected something to happen that day.  Then it was as if the city of Boston was on “lockdown”.  When the “terrorist” was found and arrested people came out into the streets cheering.  To me this is a grim look at what the future WILL hold if we continue to allow the world’s media and politicians to blind us.  I don’t think the pagan symbolism is evil.  It only holds power to them that believe in it and is just a different belief system.  But, you’ve got to admit a police state agenda sounds evil.  I haven’t even looked into other goals of the New World Order.  Also, as if it shouldn’t come as a surprise I believe in the theory that September 11 was an inside job.  I’ve read in numerous articles that George W. Bush didn’t even seem shocked that time he was reading a book at an elementary school.  War = money for the filth rich of the world.  That’s the bottom line!  I’ve read that people believed in the 1900’s that they’d finally entered a peaceful era but then both World Wars happened and shot down that possibility.  If you take a look at history THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A TIME OF PEACE.  Although, at times I have my doubts about what God I call my own I will admit Jesus sacrifice is great but think it’s bothersome that so many Christians believe in being good to go to heaven or be prepared for Jesus Second Coming.  What happened to being good because it’s the right thing to do???  Unfortunately, sometimes it takes violence to overcome your oppressors.  I’m grateful that I’m sitting in the comfort of my home able to type this up hoping someone can see where I’m coming from.  I’m blessed to live in a country in which I have freedom of speech.  But, we’re getting closer to lose a lot of freedoms if we don’t rise up against the world’s elite.  I don’t blame Obama for this because to me the Democrats were the lesser of the evils between Democrats and Republicans but that was before I realized they are all on the same team.  Don’t get me wrong on this next thing I have to say but I do appreciate our soldiers sacrifices but feel that they are also being mislead into fighting the rich man’s war.  It’s exactly like something out of a movie and the world’s elite are all working on the same team sending us commoners to war with each other.  ONE OF THE BIG AGENDAS OF THE ELITE IS TO DEPOPULATE THE EARTH.  I’ve read that they feel they don’t need us especially now with so much technology.  I understand the survival of the fittest mentality but come on why should we continue to let our brothers and sisters suffer all over the world.  Get over this mentality about only caring about your local community or nation because there’s a great big world out there.  I’ve been fortunate enough to see some other parts and sorry to offend my fellow Americans but the U.S. IS NOT THE GREATEST NATION.  I appreciate what I’ve been blessed with and all.  I just hope that someone will reach out to me and we will someday rise up against the elite.  God Bless and thanks for reading what I felt compelled to share now.  Last, but not least, if I didn’t tag you feel free to tag yourself or if you don’t like that I tagged you feel free to take it off.