OK so here’s something I barely realized…


before I go into more details I’ll share what led me to my strange yet fascinating discoveries..


I pulled out my thick file folder with both copies I’d printed out of my autobiography and a copy of a really short play I created for a Drama Appreciation class on April 5, 2011.  I decided to re-read this play and made some minor corrections.  The inspiration for this play is the short story I provide in this link:  http://quizilla.teennick.com/stories/3436950/cannibal-farm


Even though I was already 26 at the time I enjoyed taking fun silly quizzes on Quizilla and learned of the Egyptian name Hatsepshut but don’t really remember enough about her.  Here’s a link to learn more about her on Wikipedia for whoever’s curious:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hatshepsut 


I’ve always thought of Ancient Egypt as a fascinating time and place and need to learn more.  Heck, at one time I even thought it would be cool to earn an Egyptology degree even though the pay is crap!  I noticed it is popular for people to express their creativity through short stories or poetry.  OK so don’t get creeped out but one day I began daydreaming of how unfortunate it would be if humans were farmed but they did it willingly out of desperation for free food and shelter.  Then I recalled the popular road trip theme in so many horrorr films and thought of my childhood hometown of Eufaula, AL as a setting for this story I gave birth to called Cannibal Farm in the link above.  It was just the first thing I thought of and later when I used this short story to make a play I named it Blackshire Hills Farm but plan on submitting this short play to a horror magazine with hopes they publish it.  (I doubt I’d make money but I think it would be fun to do this!)  That is why you won’t see the play posted here.  Plus, I’m using my Dad’s laptop and he doesn’t have Word software and I need to re-type this play.


OK as if everything I already said wasn’t weird I named the characters names I liked but that’s still not the weird part.  The main character is a Southerner that sets up his own college friends by betraying them while they’ve taken a detour coming from a really long road trip from Massachusetts and taking a detour in Blackshire Hills, AL (a town named after his important influential family) and plan on going to spend Spring Break at Daytona Beach,Florida.  What I think is weird is I chose to name this character Brian which is my sister’s fiancee’s name.  This was around 2 years before he ever came into our lives… maybe even 3. 


More weirdness…


I no longer have access to that account since I forgot about it for awhile and no longer use the email address tied to the account.  As you can see I published the story on 09/17/06 and today’s 06/17/13 and my friend Lisa (from L.A. whom I met in 2008 in November at Newman’s) birthday is 09/17/70.  Also I just looked at more stats on that story page and I saw that it has gotten 654 views.  The digits 654 also form part of Lisa’s phone number.  Cannibal Farm is also the letters of Castro Family. 


More 2006 trivia:


I was severely depressed and hospitalized twice for 2 suicide attempts.  (I overdosed.)  I once read that psychologists say when a person thinks of cannibalism it could mean they feel that the world is eating away at them.  This was a year after I was diagnosed with an adult onset bipolar disorder and the year I was diagnosed with the reversible type of Diabetes (with diet, exercise, and weight loss).  I’d been single for 2 years now and had tried the Mormon thing briefly having even gotten baptized in the McAllen ward (church) but felt that strict really conservative lifestyle wasn’t for me after all.  I’d barely gotten into online social networking and was a regular on MySpace, VampireFreaks, Photobucket, and Fangoria.  Oh yeah I also met a local vampire coven leader since I had a deep interest in vampirism back then!


If I missed any more weird things about all this please point it out!