gma grandmajottie mybeautifulgranny❤  If my Grandma Harper had been fortunate enough for our sake to still be alive she’d be 93 today.  Although I often doubt if there’s a place as far-fetched and wonderful as heaven I’m certain that if there really is one she’s there now.  Grandma was in pain long enough but I know she loved having us in her presence since my mom took care of her since she was bedridden with arthritis the majority of my life which was like 20 years of hers.  In my earliest memories she walked with a cane and later with a walker before she became bedridden and needed assistance to sit up and eat or use the bedside commode.  She was a really intelligent educated lady and unfortunately I didn’t even realize how blessed I’d been to have had her in my presence all my life until she was gone.  What really sucks is in the months before and after her death I’d had some sort of nervous breakdown which is when I found out I suffered from adult onset bipolar disorder.  I wish more than anything I could’ve talked to her much more to learn about her life especially before she passed away.  But, she’s gone now and I don’t know if we’ll ever be reunited or not but I have hope.  I did have enough sense to tell her I loved her before she passed away a few days later.  Sometimes I dream of her but she looks like she did when she was much younger like some of the lovely photographs we have of her which I’ll share on here.  Sometimes I think dreams come from the heavens so I hope this is her way of communicating with me.  I’m so blessed to have my wonderful compassionate mom though and am glad we have such open communication which is something I should’ve developed before Grandma passed away.  In case anyone’s curious Jocebed was the name of the Biblical Moses biological mother and people called Grandma Jottie for short.  Of course we grandkids called her Grandma.  My brother’s name is Mose’ since he was named after one of our Dad’s Italian friends and the name means Moses.  Once again happy birthday Grandma!  I love you and miss you so much and think of you often!  ❤