Then and Now Survey

Today’s Date: 5/18/2018

Age: 38

Birthdate: 1/25/1980

Single or Taken: Very happily taken.

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Who are you crushing on: My bf Gilbert of course, my friend Beto, my friend Isis (but most of all my babe, and the latter two are also taken)

Name a Blockbuster movie: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Things you’re looking forward to this year: FB & Where to find them, seeing the live musical Les Miserables with my sister, moving out and getting an apartment with my honey bunny soon

Dirty little secrets: I plead the fifth. j/k I have none to tell so far.


Age: 37

Single or Taken: Very happily taken.

Name a Blockbuster movie: Star Wars VIII – The Last Jedi

Name a top hit on the music charts: Despacito – Luis Fonsi

Who were you crushing on? Angel before I met my love Gilbert

Did you accomplish any goals that year? Yes, I lost some weight and met a guy that makes me happy.

Dirty little secrets: I needed Gilbert to get over Angel. But he knows that so I guess it’s not much of a secret. Gilbert and I had a threesome with our deaf neighbor Jenny. It was kinda fun/kinda what the fuck am I doing now… I was watching porn and playing with myself a lot before I met Gilbert.


Age: 27

Single or taken: Kinda taken. (It was an online relationship with a guy from England. lol)

Name a Blockbuster movie: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Name a top hit on the music charts: Umbrella – Rhianna

Who were you crushing on? My English guy Scott, a local goth deejay named Lenny

Dirty little secret: I began looking at 4chan for t&a around this time.


Age: 17

Single or taken? Single

Name a Blockbuster movie: Titanic

Name a top hit on the music charts: Barbie Girl – Aqua

Who were you crushing on? Cris, Noe

Dirty little secret: I was sleeping with a guy ten years my senior while living with my Dad in Austin. It was my first consensual sex in two years.


Age: 7

Single or Taken? Single, duh.

Name a Blockbuster movie: Good Morning, Vietnam

Name a top hit on the music charts: I Want Your Sex – George Michael

Who were you crushing on? No one. LOL!

Dirty little secret: My slightly older neighbor by like two years or some shit .. a female… my friend taught me to French kiss in her closet.